Stickhandling & Agility Summer Camp


Stickhandling & Agility Clinic

Our Stickhandling & Agility Clinic will incorporate various stick skill drills that will progress in difficulty. Individual puck control drills such as, stickhandling, puck protection, deking, and fakes will be used to build a players overall confidence handing the puck. Small area drills to mimic puckhandling through traffic and tight areas will stress the importance of a player having their head up while controlling the puck at high speeds. Lastly we will use reactionary drills to improve our player's overall agility.

Each Player will receive:

  1. 8 hours of On Ice Professional Instruction
  2. 1 Own the Ice Hockey Jersey
  3. Low Player to Instructor Ratio ( ~4 to1)

Location: Cheel Arena

Schedule: Aug 6-9, 9-11 am daily


  • Josh Hauge - Clarkson University Coach
  • Sean Flanagan - Cornell University Coach
  • Mark Phalon - Hobart University Coach
  • Grant Cooper - Clarkson University Player

Cost: $250 US

Sibling Discount: Enroll 2 children from the same family in the Same Camp and save 35$ on one child's fee.

Register: To register call Jeff Carter at 613-360-0711 or email