Girls Camp

Girls Week July 4th to 8th

Own The Ice Hockey's Summer Girls Week 2022

July 4th to 8th at Benson Centre Cornwall

Group 1 SOLD OUT

Group 2 Now Available below

Group 1 Girls Week
Session Time Date Pad Length
1 9:00am Mon July 4th 2 1.5 Hours
2 9:00am Tues July 5th 2 1.5 Hours
3 9:00am Weds July 6th 2 1.5 Hours
4 9:00am Thurs July 7th 2 1.5 Hours
5 9:00am Fri July 8th 2 1.5 Hours


1 10:30-12pm Mon July 4th  1.5 Hours

2 10:30-12pm Tues July 5th  1.5 Hours

3 10:30-12pm Weds July 6th  1.5 Hours

4 10:30-12pm Thurs July 7th  1.5 Hours

5 10:30-12pm Fri July 8th  1.5 Hours

Ages 5-8 and 9-12

This program is geared toward a player who wants to improve their game by learning the basic concepts of hockey including skating, shooting and passing. Once fundamentals have been grasped advanced techniques will be slowly introduced.
Groups will be divided into 3 zones to ensure players are with others of the same caliber/age and so that they receive more small group attention from the instructors.

10:50-11:20 am 1 Video Class  Session -Skating Evaluation Wednesday or Thursday depending on group assignments.

  • Devon Brunet - Skating Coach Own The Ice
  • Kristi Pidgeon - NCAA Clarkson University
  • Grant Cooper - Professional Hockey Player
  • Kevin Rawlick (Former NCAA Player and Current Coach Ontario Hockey Academy)
  1. 7.5 hours of professional On Ice Instruction
  2. 1 Own The Ice Hockey Jersey
  3.  Low Ratio Instructor to Player -Personal ATTENTION to detail.
  4. Power Skating Element-written evaluation for each player.
  5. Forward Skating: Stride Mechanics, Edge Control, Quick Starts, Stopping, Balance Points, Stride Recovery and acceleration.
  6. Backward Skating:  C cuts, Backwards Crossovers, Deep posture, Pivoting.

Individual Skills Element

  1. Shooting/Passing:  Weight Transfer, Follow Through, Quick Release, Body Positioning, shooting in Motion.
  2. Puck Handling: Soft Hands, Hand Positioning on Stick, Utilizing Stick blade, Deking.

Game Scenario Element

  1. Situational Play: Positional Concepts, 3 on 3, Scrimmages

Cost: $ 285.00  plus HST

Further info:

* Skating and Skills will be broken down during the week through video. A personal skating and skills evaluation will be given to each participant at weeks end outlining strengths and weaknesses