2024 Christmas Shooting Clinic

Wrist shots, snap shots, slap shots, passing, scoring techniques. Fun games

Location –Own The Ice  412 Fifth Street Unit 108 Cornwall.

January 3rd and 4th 2024

9 am: E Laferriere T Laferriere S Laferriere G Mac Master A Macmaster Keaton Ayotte 

10 am: E Browne TJ Darnell G Tessier J Millen M Millen E Lalonde 

11 am:   J Legault R Laframboise C Laframboise B Egan C Summerfield C Macdonell 

12 PM T Scarfone Y Scarfoni L Teal K Teal E Wheeler  H Bougir

1 pm A Pross A Ouelette D Marsolais W Millward L McMonagle K McKay

4-6 players per group


Register on line  www.owntheicehockey.com


Cost   $ 65.00 for 2 sessions

Email  jeff@owntheicehockey.com – send me the day you want if it is one session. The schedule will be sent out a week before to confirm times.

Equipment – skates, Helmet/Mask, gloves, elbow pads, track pants, hockey jersey, water bottle.


Group times may change depending on the ages that register.