Scoring/Stickhandling Skills Clinic


Program has been replaced by Spring Shooting at Own The Ice


Zone Training: The sessions will include a ten minute balance agility warm up and then each age group will break into zones to work on age and skill specific for each group .

Zone 1 Offensive Skills/Tactics Clinic

Offensive Skills/Tactics Clinic. Team Play This camp will specialize in teaching offensive zone awareness, scoring techniques, puck protection and offensive team strategies (cycling, quiet zones, attack triangle etc.) In addition to this, high intensity 1 on 1 battle drills will be used to simulate play along the boards and below the goal line. Scoring goals is not always about your shot but about perfecting these other skills and tendencies while in the offensive zone.

Situational Game play such as 3-3 will be used to emphasize small area play

Zone # 2 Agility/Puck Skills

Power skating will include edge work, Balance and Stability, Stride technique, length and frequency. Skating with a puck will also be incorporated during these sessions. Skating is a vital aspect in the game of hockey and should be practiced correctly from the earliest stages of development. In addition to skating, puck handling/agility will be incorporated into the sessions.

Zone # 3 Shooting

The players will be taught the bio mechanics of how to take a wrist shot, slap shot, snap shot, and backhand. Various training aids will be utilized to help the player develop their shot in a number of different game situations. ie Attack Triangle, One Timer Band, Read and React Shooter). Shooting is a very important skill within the game of hockey and is something that can be mastered through repetition. Passing technique and concepts will be introduced and included in the drills to teach the importance of working within team concept .

The clinic consists of 8 sessions for a total of 8 hours of ice.

Head Instructors:

Location: Cornwall Civic Complex


  • Group A: 7 -9
  • Group B 9 to 11 *
  • Group C 11 plus

Groups will be determined by skill level/age of the group