Body Contact Clinic


Body Contact Clinic -Spring 2020

Own The Ice Hockey is running a Body Contact Clinic due to a high demand for both defense and forwards to be able to learn the proper techniques of using your body to protect the puck or separate an opposing player from it. In addition to this, our Body Contact Clinic will show players how to protect themselves on the ice while receiving body checks. Within the game of hockey 1 on 1 battles occur all over the ice during a game and its important to learn how to engage in them. Learning how to win stick battles is also a very important tool for any hockey player big or small. Through learning proper body positioning and developing an awareness of your surroundings the game becomes a lot more simple!

This program is designed for both forwards and defense.

Instructors: Brent Loney, Jeff Carter,Todd Walker

Location: Long Sault Arena

March,30th , April 6th 2020 - 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm 3 hours of Instructions

 Cost: $70 plus HST 2 sessions