4 on 4 League


Location: Finch Arena

Schedule: Starts week of  April 1 ,2019  10 week schedule

10 Game Schedule includes Play-offs .

Game Times: Check Divisions for Game Times

Each team will have 8-10 skaters plus a Goalie and a Coach/Supervisor

Novice 2010/2011/2012)    6 teams  - (Players - waiting list only) 4  goalies needed. as of March 7 ,2019  

Atom    2009/2008)            6 teams  - Waiting List Only ,  

Peewee/Bantam 2007/2005/2006 The League will expand to 6 teams ,we have room for more players .Please register online tonight,we have room for six players and two goalie.,

as March,20th 2019


Teams will be adjusted to ensure that all teams are competitive after week two .

Line Matching: Lines will be matched according to player caliber in order to insure development for all while keeping the league competitive. The Coordinators will divide the players into four separate teams with designated lines that switch on the buzzer.


IP, Novice & Atom: $165.00 plus Tax  *Jersey included

Peewee/Bantam: $170.00 plus Tax *Jersey included


Novice Division

Novice Teams and Schedule below 

Note  Looking for 3 coaches per Team -please email Jeff Carter- jeff@owntheicehockey.com  6133600711

Please Note - we have one Saturday Game ,due to arena closing a week earlier .

Thursday April ,4 2019 

5:30 pm Canadiens vs Leafs

6:30 pm Flyers vs Lightning

7:30 pm Bruins vs Sens

Saturday April,6th 2019 

9:00 am Leafs vs Sens

10:00 am Bruins vs Lightning

11:00 am Flyers vs Canadiens

Thursday, April, 11,2019

5:30 pm Flyers vs Bruins

6:30 pm Canadiens vs Sens

7:30 pm Lightning vs Leafs

Thursday April,18,2019

5:30pm Leafs vs Bruins

6:30pm Flyers vs Sens

7:30pm Lightning vs Canadiens


5:30 pm Canadiens vs Bruins

6:30 pm Sens vs Lightning

7:30 pm Leafs vs Flyers

Thursday ,May 2,2019

5:30pm Lightning vs Flyers

6:30pm Canadiens vs Leafs

7:30 pm Bruins vs Sens

Thursday, May,9 2019

5:30 pm Lightning vs Bruins

6:30 pm Leafs vs Sens

7:30 pm Flyers vs Canadians

Thursday, May, 16 ,2019 

5:30 pm Lightning vs Leafs

6:30 pm Flyers vs Bruins

7:30 pm Canadiens vs Sens


5:30pm Lightning vs Canadiens

6:30pm Flyers vs Sens

7:30 pm Bruins vs Leafs

Thursday May,30 th 2019 

5:30 pm Lightning vs Sens

6:30 pm Bruins vs Flyers

7:30 pm Leafs vs Canadiens

End of Season 

Novice Division Teams

Canadians                             Leafs 

1 Mya Lafrance                        1 William Moores

2 Josianne Lafrance               2 Jonah Droin Geurts

3 Charlotte Harty                    3 Trent Sloan

4 Ben Mcphail                         4 Samuel Richer

5 Elliot Francis                         5 Evan Dejong

6 Haley Thompson                 6 Wyatt Johnson

7 Jane Synott                           7 Rijker Roosendaal

8 Hank Whitton                      8 Madden McDonough

9 Jonas Tibben                        9 Cameron Cavangh

10 Jacob Hodge                       10 Nicholas Cavangh

Goalie Anneke Benton           Goalie Liam Hayes

Coach Brian Synott                  Coach Jeff Hayes

Coach Joe Harty                      Coach Jeremy Geurts

Bruins                                         Lightning 

1 Kaleb Robinson                       1 Carter Sadler

2 Cael Richer                              2 Cameron Seiber

3 Louka Seguin                          3 Patrick Goss

4 Noah Seguin                           4 Aren Gerhard Landmesser

5 Macallum Menard                 5 Gregor Filiol

6 Bentley Bonneville                6 Liam O Conner

7 Parker Chartrand                   7 Caden Perkins

8 Blake Esau                             8 Luke Van Loon

9 Carson Slade                         9 Jacob Wratten

10 Tyler Esau                            10 Gavin Filiol

Goalie  Sam Kirchmeier            Goalie Jack Fife

Coach Rob Richer                    Coaches Marc Filiol

Coach Jason Robinson          Coach need coach please email me

Coach Pat Menard

Flyers Orange                         Senators Black

1 Bryson Winters                   1 Xavier Greaves

2 Liam Dejong                       2 Mathis Guay

3 Aiden Renaud                    3 Justin Miller

4 Magnus Gough                  4 Allison Dunbrack

5 Colby Morozuk                  5 Ben  Murphy

6  Hunter Cleland                 6 Jackson Vanallen

7  Tyler Locey                        7 Alexia Gagne

8  Tilly Theiner                     8 Marika Hupe

9 Michaela Levac                 9 Landon Oar

10 Allison Winters               10 Lincoln Oar

Goalie Brady Benton          11 Willam Murphy

Coach Kevin Dejong            Goalie  Thomas Brisson

Coach Cory Winters              Coaches Jeff Dunbrack

Coach Ba







Atom Division